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Innovations & Outreach

The Innovations & Outreach (I&O) Unit is assigned the following responsibilities:

  • Identify innovations throughout the state courts system as well as nationally;
  • Provide leadership assistance in developing strategic approaches to expanding innovative programs including, but not limited to, integrating innovative technology into the operations of the OSCA and the courts system;
  • Compose and produce administrative publications such as the Florida State Courts Annual Report and the Full Court Press newsletter;
  • Assist in implementing the goals of the judicial branch’s long range strategic plan and communication plan;
  • Develop electronic training programs/courses in coordination with the Court Education Unit; and,
  • Staff the Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice, the Judicial Management Council, and the WINGS (Working Interdisciplinary Networks of Guardianship Stakeholders) initiative.


Strategic Planning within the Innovations and Outreach Unit assists the judicial branch by seeking innovative solutions that advance the goals of the strategic plan. 


The Innovations and Outreach Unit is responsible for two administrative publications. 

  • The Florida State Courts Annual Reports serve to educate the public about the judicial branch and to enhance communication between the courts and other justice system entities, the legislature, and the executive branch. 
  • The Full Court Press newsletters are designed to share information about local and statewide court-based initiatives and programs and to promote communication among Florida’s state courts. 

Additional court publications including committee and other official reports, operational manuals, newsletters, statistical publications and much more can be found on the Publications Webpage

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