Shared Remote Interpreting Governance

Shared Remote Interpreting Governance Committee

Authority:  AOSC16-105

On December 1, 2016, the Supreme Court issued AOSC16-105 establishing the Shared Remote Interpreting Governance Committee (Governance Committee) to make recommendations to the Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability, the Court Interpreter Certification Board, and the Trial Court Budget Commission, regarding management and oversight issues of shared remote interpreting services, also known as, Virtual Remote Interpreting (VRI) services.  As directed in the administrative order, the Governance Committee is also responsible for establishing the statewide VRI pool, collecting associated workload data, overseeing administration/management issues such as procedural changes to the service model pool, and developing recommendations on additional VRI funding needs.

Members through 2018:

  • The Honorable Elizabeth Metzger (Chair), Nineteenth Judicial Circuit
  • The Honorable J. Kevin Abdoney, Tenth Judicial Circuit
  • Mr. Matthew Benefiel, Ninth Judicial Circuit
  • Mr. German Bernal, Eighteenth Judicial Circuit
  • Mr. Noel Chessman, Fifteenth Judicial Circuit
  • Mr. Win Ellenwood, Sixth Judicial Circuit
  • Mr. Jeffrey Fuller, Fifth Judicial Circuit
  • Ms. Elizabeth Garber, Second Judicial Circuit
  • Mr. Gilberto de Paz, Eight Judicial Circuit
  • Mr. Tom Genung, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit
  • Mr. Gary Hagan, Fourteenth Judicial Circuit
  • The Honorable Leandra G. Johnson, Third Judicial Circuit
  • Mr. Craig McLean, Twentieth Judicial Circuit
  • Ms. Astrid Rodriguez, Ninth Judicial Circuit
  • Mr. Roosevelt Sawyer, Office of the State Courts Administrator
  • Mr. Mark Weinberg, Seventh Judicial Circuit

Meeting Minutes:

Selected Reports: