Resource Planning

Office of Resource Planning and Support Services

The Office of Resource Planning and Support Services serves three main functions:

  1. Resource funding methodologies for allocations,requests, and reductions;
  2. Revenue forecasting and monitoring, with assistance provided to the Article V Revenue Estimating Conference; and,
  3. Liaison support for clerks of the circuit court budget and other related issues.

Major Goals and Objectives

  1. Efficient and accountable use of resources
  2. Stable funding
  3. Flexibility in responding to issues external to the day-to-day operations

Trial Court Allocation and Legislative Budget Request Methodologies


Due Process Workgroup

The Due Process Workgroup, a joint workgroup of the Trial Court Budget Commission and the Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability, was created in 2015.  The charge of the workgroup is to identify factors affecting the cost of providing court reporting, court interpreting, and expert witness services and to develop fiscal and operational recommendations for the provision of due process services.  

Expert Witness - The Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability developed recommendations on this topic in their 2014 report, Recommendations for the Provision of Court Appointed Expert Witness Services in Florida's Trial Courts.  That report, along with the Due Process Workgroup's first report, Expert Witnesses in Florida's Trial Courts, was approved by the Supreme Court in February 2017 in AOSC17-12.  Both reports, along with other associated documents, are provided below: