Frequently Asked Questions





What is the DRC’s mailing address?

Dispute Resolution Center
Supreme Court Building
500 South Duval Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399

To whom should I address my application for certification?

Attn: Mediator Certification

To whom should I address my application for renewal?

Attn: Mediator Renewal

What is the fax number?

(850) 922-9290

What is the job market like for [insert certification of interest] mediators in [insert location of interest]? How much are mediators paid?

Please consult your local mediation program director or speak with mediators from your area. Programs, job market and fees/salaries vary across the state.

How do I change my address/contact information on file?

Please send your request in writing, including your old address/phone number and the new one. You may fax: (850-922-9290), mail: (500 S. Duval Street Tallahassee, FL 32399) or email: the change.


Where can I get training to become a certified mediator?

Read through the information on training and mentorship requirements and then choose a certified mediation trainer.

Is there an inactive or out-of-state status for mediator certification?

No. CME can be completed outside the state of Florida.

In which area am I certified?

There are one or more letters at the end of your mediator number. These letters indicate your area of certification. Code: C=County, F=Family, R=Circuit, D=Dependenc, and A=Appellate.

What is my mediator number?

To find your mediator number, use the mediator search function available on our web page. Type in your name (last or first only) and you will find your mediator number, renewal date, and contact information. If you are unable to find your name, please contact the DRC for assistance.


What are the CME requirements?

Certified Mediators must complete a minimum 16 hours of Continuing Mediator Education (CME) in each area of which they are certified including the following sub-requirements:


  • 4 hours of Mediator Ethics,
  • 2 hours of Interpersonal Violence*, and
  • 1 hour of Diversity/Cultural Awareness*.
  • 4 hours of Mediator Ethics,
  • 4 hours of Interpersonal Violence*, and
  • 1 hour of Diversity/Cultural Awareness*.


  • 4 hours of appellate specific education.

*Does not have to be specific to mediation.
†50% of hours must be in a live format (method 1 or 2 on the recording form)

When is my renewal date?

To find your renewal date, use the mediator search function available on our web page. Type in your name (last or first only) and you will find your mediator number, renewal date, and contact information. If your name does not appear using the mediator search function you have not yet been certified or you have allowed your certification to lapse. 

Do I need to send in additional supporting documentation with my CME Form when I submit my renewal information?

Mediators are not required to submit back up documentation for their CME activities unless they have been selected for audit. Therefore, you must maintain the required documentation, and send in the required materials ONLY if you have been notified that you are being audited in this renewal cycle. If you are not under audit, please do not send in documentation. More information regarding CME audits is located in the Audit Information section.

What if I cannot complete my CME before my renewal date?

Send to the DRC your completed and notarized Application for Mediator Certification Renewal, and a check for your renewal fees (made out to the State of Florida, the fee schedule can be found on the renewal form) along with a letter requesting a 90 day extension. All correspondence must be postmarked by your renewal date. The 90 day extension begins from the date your extension request is processed not from your renewal date.

What happens if I do not complete the required CME?

Your certification will not be renewed until all renewal requirements, including CME, are completed. If these requirements are not submitted and postmarked by your renewal date, your certification will lapse. Mediators whose certification has lapsed may renew certification up to 180 days from the lapse date upon payment of a late fee in an amount equal to the mediator’s renewal fee. Mediators who apply for renewal within 365 days after the lapse date will be required to pay a late fee equal to five times the mediator’s renewal fee, up to a maximum of $750. Mediators who apply for certification after day 365 will be required to meet the requirements for certification as a new mediator, including satisfactory completion of a certified mediation training program and fulfillment of the mentorship requirements.

I am a certified mediator in multiple areas. If my CME in one area of certification is deficient, what happens to my certification?

If you are certified in more than one area and fail to timely complete CME in any one given area, your certification will still be renewed in those areas for which you have timely completed your CME requirements.

Where can I get Continuing Mediation Education (CME) credits?

Credits may be earned through 8 methods:

  1. attending a live lecture or seminar;
  2. listening to or viewing an audio or video presentation of a lecture or seminar with a group, and participating in a discussion of the materials presented;
  3. listening to or viewing audio or video presentations;
  4. serving as a mentor pursuant to rule 10.100, Florida Rules for Certified and Court-Appointed Mediators;
  5. participating in Internet presentations;
  6. lecturing or teaching in CME courses;
  7. authoring or editing written materials submitted for publication that have significant intellectual or practical content directly related to the practice of mediation; and
  8. successfully completing a self-directed program that is qualified for continuing education credit by a governmental licensing board.

 A List of CME Contact Organizations is available here. 

How can I meet the “live” CME requirement?

At a minimum, fifty percent of the required CME hours in each area for which you are certified must be satisfied by:

  • Attendance at a live lecture or seminar;
  • Attendance at an audio or video playback of a lecture or seminar with a group where the group discusses the materials presented; or
  • An interactive Internet presentation.
A group is considered more than one adult. Interactive Internet presentations may be counted as attendance at a live lecture. Non-interactive Internet presentations shall be applied toward the audio-visual category.

I am a mediator with multiple areas of certification; do I need 16 CME hours for each certification area?

Mediators who are certified in more than one area must complete 16 hours of CME applicable to each area of certification. CME courses may be applicable to more than one area of certification and may be counted for each area. For example, the ethics, interpersonal violence education, and cultural diversity requirements may be completed once and counted for each area of certification, as applicable.

How much CME credit have I already earned?


I just completed a CME program. Where do I send the information to get credit for it?

Each mediator is responsible for keeping all the information pertaining to completed CME during the two-year cycle. You report the information on the CME Reporting Form at the time of your renewal, not as you earn it. You can download the CME Reporting Form from our website. 

Will this (fill in the blank) count for my CME?

For a program to qualify for CME, it shall “have a significant intellectual or practical content and shall constitute an organized program of learning directly related to the practice of mediation.” Courses on general mediation skills, mediator ethics, interpersonal violence, and diversity or cultural awareness will apply in all areas of certification (i.e., county, family, circuit civil, and dependency). Courses which are specific to one area of mediation (e.g., Mediation Skills for Family Mediators) may only be applicable in that area of mediation (e.g., family). CME courses are not “pre-approved” for credit by the DRC. If the course meets the definition for CME, then it will qualify.

How do I know which CLE (Continuing LEGAL education) courses apply for my mediator education, too?

See our Guide to Counting CLE as CME available online and also included in your renewal packet.

Do continuing education hours for other professions count towards fulfillment of the CME requirement?

Yes, providing the course meets the definition for CME and the subject matter attended is applicable to your area of mediator certification.

Do college level courses qualify for CME?

Yes, IF applicable to the practice of mediation. Each 50 minutes of attendance qualifies for one CME hour.

What counts towards the ethics requirements in CME?

Presentations that relate to ethical considerations in the field of mediation and constitute the focus of the presentation will count (generally will contain 'ethics' in the title). Legal/lawyer ethics DO NOT apply for mediator ethics.

What counts as interpersonal violence CME?

Interpersonal violence education includes the following subject matter: domestic violence; stalking; repeat violence; dating violence; child abuse; child neglect; abuse of vunerable adults; human trafficking; animal cruelty; workplace violence; physical and emotional safety and security; trauma informed responses; suicide prevention, awareness and risk factors; and self-harm (not suicidal). 

If I am already a certified mediator and I complete a mediation certification training course in a different area of certification, can I use that program to count toward my current certification?

Yes, if there are 16 hours of material applicable to that area of certification. There usually are, but you should look over the program materials or talk to your training provider for more information or a breakdown of hours.

Do audio recordings expire? I found tapes from 200(X); can I use them for my current CME cycle?

Audio recordings do not automatically expire, but they must still meet the definition of CME to qualify. Thus, if the content is no longer relevant the tape should not be used. What matters is when you listen to the tapes. The date of listening must be within your two year renewal cycle.

How many hours of mentoring can I count as CME?

Only 4 hours of mentoring can be counted as CME hours. Mentoring hours cannot be used for Mediator Ethics, Interpersonal Violence, or Diversity/Cultural Awareness hours and do not satisfy the “live” hour requirement.


For additional information please contact The Dispute Resolution Center at 850-921-2910 or at