Counting CLE as CME

  1. Get a record of your CLE hours for the last two years since your renewal date. The Florida Bar CLE Department can provide this information at (850) 561-5842.
  2. CLE and CME are both approved on a 50-minute basis so you can assume that the hours approved by The Florida Bar are the same that you would be reporting for CME.
  3. DO NOT count any ethics hours reported for legal courses. Mediators are required to earn mediator ethics and the assumption is that legal seminars discuss legal ethics not mediator ethics.
  4. For each CLE program you want to report as CME, ask yourself, did this activity enhance my skills/knowledge as a mediator or is it geared toward making me a better lawyer? For example, a course on Contract Law would be beneficial to a mediator; however, a course on Litigation Skills would make me a better lawyer. A seminar on Litigation Skills is not a program on "substantive law related to the practice of mediation" which is the definition for counting legal courses as CME.
  5. If you are certified in more than one area, CME hours can be counted in more than one area of certification if they relate to more than one area. For example, a CLE course on the Child Support Guidelines could be counted in family mediation but not under circuit civil since child support guidelines are only a part of the family process not civil court. A CLE course on Negotiation Techniques would apply to both family and circuit civil mediation since negotiation skills applies to all types of mediation. 
  6. For each activity that meets the above definition of CME, list the item on your CME Reporting Form. Please do not send in a copy of your CLE Form in lieu of the CME Reporting Form.
  7. If you send in your renewal before your renewal date and something is incorrect or incomplete, the DRC will write to you and give you 90 days of continued certification to cure the matter.
  8. If you still need hours after you've completed this review, your renewal package contains a list of CME Contact Organizations as well as audiotape order forms from mediation conferences.


For additional information please contact The Dispute Resolution Center at 850-921-2910 or at