MEAC Opinions - Procedures

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Opinion Keyword Description(s)
2017-003 Providing adequate time for mediation
2016-006 Orientation session is mandatory. See MEAC 2014-008
2016-005 Mediator's support staff as notary or witness
2016-004 Reports to the court in light of MEAC 2015-005
2016-001 Using caucus
2015-005 Verbal discussion satisfies rule 10.420(c)
2015-002 Reporting appearance of parties
2015-001 Banning laptops
2014-011 Filing of a notice with the court 
2014-008 Orientation session is mandatory.
2014-006 Filing a Notice of Mediation with the court
2014-004 Common language for session and written agreement 
2014-002 Reporting outcomes to the court
Note: This opinion recinds MEAC 2012-009, Answer to Question One
2013-012 Mediating re: local rule 9019-2(A)(5), United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Florida
2013-009 Dual role of mediator and notary
2013-006 Raising issues during mediation

Filing items with the court

2012-009 Reporting outcomes to the court
Note: MEAC 2014-002 recinds MEAC 2012-009Answer to Question One
2011-018 Reporting abuse
2011-013 Phone call during mediation
2011-012 Banning cellular communication during the mediation process
2011-006 Question outside the jurisdiction of the MEAC.
2011-005 Upon the request or demand of a party at the mediation, the mediator must declare an impasse
2011-001 Signing written settlement agreement in the capacity of mediator
2010-014 Compelling attendance 
2010-012 Do not mediate if required to break rules
2010-011 Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation 
2010-010 Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program
2010-007 Reporting outcomes to the court
2010-005 Mediation techniques
2010-004 Raising questions and role of notary
2009-010 Form completion in small claims court
2008-006 Participation in caucus
2008-001 Inappropriate role of mediator
2007-004 Judicial requirement limiting the participants
2007-003 Mediating continued case with onlysome parties
2007-002 Filing circuit agreement with the court
2006-007 Parties, not mediator, dictates participants
2006-002 Judicial intervention and party self-determination
2005-007 Reports to the court-rescheduling
2004-009 Terminating a mediation including fraud or duress
2004-006 Declining to participate


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