Current Projects

Court Application Processing System

Electronic Filing is making its way into all courts statewide. Once e-filing is fully implemented, judges will need to have the ability to view and process electronic court records effectively and efficiently. In order to provide judges with this capability, the Florida Courts Technology Commission (FCTC) approved the functional requirements for a court application processing system (CAPS) developed by the Trial Court Integrated Management Solution (TIMS) subcommittee. Any system implemented must adhere to the standards and vendors must be certified to sell their product to any county in Florida.

Trial Court Technology Strategic Plan

The Florida Trial Court Technology Strategic Plan: 2015 - 2019 was developed by the Trial Court Budget Commission’s Trial Court Technology Funding Strategies Workgroup, in consultation with the National Center for State Courts. The Florida Supreme Court approved the Plan in January 2015.

Electronic Filing Court Records Portal (ePortal)

The Supreme Court approved statewide portal for the electronic filing of court records.  On May 27, 2009, Senate Bill 1718, Chapter 2009-61 was signed into law and it requests that the court establish 
e-filing standards by July 1, 2009 to be used by the clerks of court to implement electronic filing.  This legislation requests that the standards specify the information that the clerks of court need to perform their duties and that the judiciary needs for case management, and directs the clerks of court to begin implementation no later than October 1, 2009. As part of this effort, work is underway to facilitate electronic filings with the Florida Supreme Court and the five Florida District Courts of Appeal.  Please visit the FCTC E-Filing Committee webpage for additional information.

Electronic Filing Court Records Portal (ePortal)

Florida Appellate Courts Technology Solution (eFACTS) project

The Florida Supreme Court and the Florida Second District Court of Appeal are participating in the pilot FACTS Project to accommodate electronic documents and replace the existing appellate courts case management systems. eFACTS will offer new and enhanced user efficiencies, including:   electronic document management, electronic workflows, electronic voting, remote access via a secured web application, tracking of administrative matters, assignment and working document tracking, calendaring, on-line docket and secured access to case information. eFACTS will also accommodate electronic filing via the ePortal.

Appellate Courts E-Filing Exchange Conceptual Model

Judicial Inquiry System

The Judicial Inquiry System (JIS) is a single-entry application solution by the Office of the State Courts Administrator that offers the judiciary and other authorized agencies access to multiple criminal justice data sources.​

  • Web-based system that does not require software installation 
  • 24/7 availability and support 
  • Secure access application used to query information from multiple data sources (state, local, federal) 
    • APPRISS 
    • Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers Comprehensive Case Information System (CCIS) 
    • Florida Department of Corrections (DOC) 
    • Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) 
    • Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle (DHSMV) 
    • Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC) 
    • National Crime Information Center (NCIC) 
  • Single point of entry and logon/password to query multiple data sources 
  • User role-based profiles (judges, case managers, state attorneys, public defenders, sheriffs, etc.) 
  • Efficient investigative tool utilizing match scoring, visual alert flags, and consolidated search results

JIS consists of 3 components:

  • Judicial Inquiry System (JIS) Search 
  • Jessica Lunsford Act (JLA) First Appearance Calendar 
  • Active Warrant Alert Calendaring System (AWACS)

Please visit the following links for more information and user manuals:

JIS Overview 
JIS Search User Manual 
JLA First Appearance Calendar User Manual 
AWACS User Manual

Trial Court Integrated Management Solution (TIMS) project

The purpose of the Trial Court Integrated Management Solution (TIMS) project is to develop an automated solution to address certain major needs of the trial court system and to advance the goals and strategies of the Long-Range Strategic Plan of the Florida Judicial Branch 2009-2015. Please visit the TIMS project webpage for additional information.

Judicial Education project

This project is to replace the existing Court Education application.  The resulting, re-engineered application will be in a more cost effective and supportable software platform.  Additionally, new user features will be offered.  These include:  A secured web application that allows training participants to register for programs, submit automated evaluations and claim credits.

Florida Drug Court Case Management System (FDCCMS):

For information on the new statewide case management system for drug court, please visit the FDCCMS link.