Discontinue Paper Followup

In the revised Supreme Court Opinion SC11-399, the Supreme Court amended the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration to implement mandatory electronic filing procedures for all documents filed in Florida’s courts.  The proposed amendments represent a significant and important step toward our goal of a fully electronic court system by transitioning from permissive to mandatory e-filing.  Mandatory e-filing is also another of the necessary steps in our ongoing efforts to provide the public with electronic access to nonconfidential court records. 

The Court recognized that the mandatory e-filing requirement, requires each clerk to have the capacity to accept and maintain the documents electronically and change the way that attorneys file documents.  The proposed amendments will also require the clerks’ offices to maintain electronic court records and to convert paper documents to electronic documents.  To provide uniform standards for the electronic transmission of documents and court records, the Court adopted the Florida Supreme Court Statewide Standards for Electronic Access to the Courts.

We take this opportunity, to encourage attorneys and clerks throughout Florida to take notice of the new electronic filing requirements that are adopted here and to begin the process of updating their current practices to conform to these substantial benefits of mandatory e-filing requirements.  Implementation of an e-filing process should reduce costs, increase timeliness in the processing of cases, and provide the judiciary with case-related information to allow for improved case management. 

Electronic Initiatives Chart January 14, 2014