Technology Standards

Standards for Access to Electronic Court Records

Standards for Electronic Access to the Courts

  • The Supreme Court set statewide standards for e-filing for clerks to use when implementing e-filing due to the Legislature’s request.  These standards specify the required information the clerks need to perform their duties and that the judiciary needs for case management as stated in AOSC09-30.  

Court Application Processing System (CAPS)

  • CAPS is a computer application designed for in-court and in-chambers use by trial judges or their staff to access and use electronic case files and other data sources in the course of managing cases, scheduling and conducting hearings, adjudicating disputed issues, and recording and reporting judicial activity.

Integration and Interoperability Document

  • Identifies hardware and software platforms, network infrastructure, and methods for data exchange.  This document is mainly used by the court technology officers.
  • This document is a specification developed by the OASIS LegalXML Electronic Court Filing Technical Committee. It defines a technical architecture and a set of components, operations and message structures for an electronic court filing system, and sets forth rules governing its implementation.

System Modification

  • The FCTC approved the Notification of System Modification form to be aware of major modifications to current systems or the implementation of new systems that affect the judiciary. If you make such changes, please complete the form and email it to Lakisha Hall.

Data Exchange Standards

  • These standards identify the specifications to standardize the transfer of data between two or more data systems while remaining flexible enough to tailor the exchange particulars required to the specific needs of those systems. ​